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Adams Valves

Adams Valves

Adams Valves, Inc USA is an independent subsidiary of its German parent company and the only Adams valve manufacturing facility in North America located in Houston, Texas. Our products include triple eccentric block & control valves, tilting disc & swing check valves, and stop/check combined function valves.

Check Valves


Proven Design
  • Controlled, non-slam closure
  • Adjustable closing characteristic
  • Additional screw safety device
  • Longevity, even for frequent cycle operation


Compact Design
  • Complete pump protection
  • Low flow loss
  • Progressive sealing system
  • Axial pressure balanced shaft seals for low friction
  • Auto-closing
  • Damper adjustment locking


A Variety of Control Systems
  • Ultra-fast closing non-return valve
  • Triple offset design
  • Optimum flow opening characteristics
  • Inherent gravity closure


Ideal Protection from Backflows for Steam Turbines
  • Steam extraction line valve
  • Gravity closing
  • Seal protected from flow

Block & Control Valves


Guarantees Ultra-tightness for Cryogenic and High Temperature Services
  • Optimum shut-off
  • High-temperature compatibility
  • Reliable function in any position
  • Progressive sealing system


Ideal for Optimum Flow Control
  • Precise flow control
  • Low operation torques
  • Simple maintenance
  • Field repairable


Econimical Valve
  • Gas-tight shut-off
  • Compact construction
  • Low weight


Low Cost
  • Low operation torques
  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • Excellent control characteristics


Exclusive Patented Inclined Cone Sealing System
  • Bi-directional zero bubbles per minute shut-off
  • Anti-blowout shaft design
  • No sealing friction
  • Low-pressure loss
  • Compact, robust construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Field repairable

Stop/Check Combined Function Valves


Multifunction Operation
  • Compact Design
  • Minimum Pressure Loss
  • Controlled, Non-slam Closure
  • Additional Screw Safety Device


Fast Acting
  • Excellent Sealing Characteristics
  • Low-pressure Loss Coefficients
  • Axial pressure balanced shaft seals for low friction
  • Additional screw safety device
  • Minimum maintenance