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Honeywell IFM

Honeywell IFM

Product Overview

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM) products offer reliable, durable and flexible solutions for the most challenging applications and toughest environments. They are designed for the highest level of function and flame discrimination for a wide array of industrial processes and applications.

Available Services

  • Startup & Commissioning
  • Scanner Alignment
  • Complete Reports
  • Processor Parameter Selection
  • Process Walk

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U2 Series

All-in-one Processor/Viewing Head
  • Combination Signal Processor & Flame Scanner
  • 3 Sensors: UVtron, IR, UVSS (Solid state)
  • MODBUS & RS422 Communications
  • MODBUS & RS422 Communications
  • Integral Touch Screen Interface
  • Temperature Sensing
  • FM, CSA Approved


Dual Processor
  • Monitors two S55XBE Scanners Simultaneously
  • One Additional S70X/S80X Scanner
  • AC & DC Power Options
  • MODBUS & RS422 Communications
  • UV & IR Spectrum Displayed Simultaneously
  • Temperature Alarming
  • FM, CSA Approved


Two Channel Processor
  • Connect Two Flame Scanners (Monitor One At A Time)
  • AC & DC Power Options
  • MODBUS & RS422 Communications
  • Viewing Head Temperature Indication
  • FM, CSA Approved


Viewing Head – Multiple Sensor Options
  • Replaces older S550B, & S550 Series
  • IR/UV, IR only and UVTron only
  • Electronic check (no mechanical shutter) for self-check of the system
  • Numeric two-digit display
  • Quick disconnect cable (order separately) for non-PF models
  • Mountable in any orientation.
  • Includes an embedded temperature sensor


Viewing Head – Single-fuel Applications
  • IR Compact Scanners
  • UV Compact Scanners
  • Single Burner & Ignitor Applications
  • electronic check (no mechanical shutter) for self-check of the system
  • NEMA 4X


Gas Igniters
  • GHE1-3 MMBTU/HR-GHE2-5
  • Non-fouling
  • Maintenance-free
  • Multi-stage ignition
  • Self-cleaning spark tip
  • Powerpack 110 or 220 VAC

Watchdog III

Flare Stack Monitoring System
  • The system consists of a P222 signal processor and S256BE viewing head with a 50-foot interconnecting cable
  • Immune to sunshine, rain, and clouds
  • Easy to set up with multiple LEDs and pushbuttons.
  • Lightweight and low power consumption.