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Orion Instruments

Orion Instruments

Magnetrol International, a staple in the level instrumentation industry, launched Orion Instruments in the heart of the industry-rich U.S. Gulf coast.  Located in Baton Rouge, LA, Orion has quickly become a globally recognized and respected manufacturer of high-quality magnetic-based instrumentation.

Jupiter® JM4

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

  • Full graphic local user interface and local waveform capture
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Rotatable and removable transmitter head
  • Ergonomic dual compartment enclosure
  • Simple set-up and configuration
  • Smart Probe technology
  • Easy attachment to an MLI or modular bridle instrumentation
  • Direct insertion

Eclipse® 706

Guided Wave Radar

  • Low dielectric measurement capability
  • Volumetric output
  • Quick connect/disconnect probe coupling
  • Operates in visible vapors and ignores most foams
  • IS, XP, and Non-Incendive approvals
  • Ignores coating buildup


Reed Chain Transmitter

  • Clamp-on mounting to MLI (Atlas™, Aurora®, or Gemini™)
  • FM and CSA approvals
  • Continuous 4-20 mA output